Heartland Exchanger Sales and Service proudly supports


Alfa Laval Inc.

  • Plate & Frame heat exchangers
  • Welded Plate Style Exchangers (Spiral, Compabloc, Plate and Shell)
  • Heat transfer plates- plate coils
  • Brazed plate exchanger
  • Reconditioning of any make or model of plate exchanger

Hughes-Anderson Heat Exchangers Inc.

  • Large process shell and tube heat exchangers
  • TEMA member
  • Specializing in 36″ diameter and larger exchangers/li>
  • Bundle replacement
  • Helical baffle licensee holder

SGL Group

  • Graphite block, plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers
  • PTFE lined columns and piping
  • Corrosion resistant process equipment and vessels
  • Glass finer-reinforced plastic pipe
  • Complete HCI plants


  • Flare Systems – Elevated and ground flares, liquid burners, ignition control systems and pilots.
  • Enclosed Combustion Systems – Thermal oxidizers, ultra-low emissions devices
  • Vapor and Gas Recovery Systems

WSA Engineered Systems

  • On-Line Automatic Tube Cleaning System (ATCS) Brush / Scraper type for S&T Exchangers
  • Automatic Backwash Systems (ABS) for Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Field Service for Set-up, Testing, and Repair

Conceptual Technologies Inc.

  • On-site Process Cleaning of Heat Exchangers, vessels, tanks and towers
  • Off-site Process Cleaning of Heat Exchangers
  • Foam Chemical Cleaning of Air Coolers
  • Sales of Proprietary Chemicals for Industrial Cleaning

ACDEN Tech Sonic

  • On and Off site Ultra-Sonic cleaning of Heat Exchangers and other process equipment.
  • On and Off site Ultra-Sonic cleaning of all dirty components on plant site.
  • Excellent for cleaning all things during a S/D