HESS is proud to support Kinam’s Revolutionary Anti-Scale System

The Electronic eco-friendly solution against scale and rust


The Scale Problem

Kinam’s Anti-Scale System protects against problems and costs arising out of scale deposits inside the tubes and piping system of the machinery such as:
• Repeated repairs and replacement of equipment along with complete piping system is not required.
• Decrease in productivity due to frequent downtime for maintenance is not required.
• High cleaning costs and need of aggressive cleaning agents is avoided.
• Draining of water from the complete system and refilling it is not required.
• Cost of chemical cleaning and adverse effect on cooling tower is avoided.
• Loss of water pressure due to a reduced pipe diameter is prevented.

• Do-It-Yourself. Easy installation without cutting the pipe.


The anti-scale system effects

1. Anti-scale system stops scaling on surfaces
Anti-scale system modifies the crystallization of the calcium. The scale loses its adhesive power and is washed away with the water as a fine powder.

2. Anti-scale system sanitizes the piping system
Anti-scale system carefully dissolves existing incrustations in the piping system. Only a thin protective layer remains in the pipe.
3. Anti-scale system protects against rust & corrosion
Anti-scale system generate a controlled electrophoresis process, which produces a protective metal carbonate layer. It acts as protection against rust and corrosion.

Against scale and rust

Kinam’s Anti Scale System treats water with special electronic impulses and does not use any chemicals or salt or magnetism. These impulses break the complex structure of molecules into a linear and simple structure which do not deposit on the inner surface. The scale is washed away with the water as a fine powder. Kinam’s Anti Scale System protects your whole piping system, heating appliances and equipment like Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Refrigeration Systems, Condensers etc. from aggressive scale deposits, unnecessary defects and corrosion.

Benefits of anti-scale system

• Reduction of scale deposits in Heat Exchangers and the complete piping system.
• Remove existing scales in Heat Exchangers, without any need to add chemicals or cleaning agent.
• Prevents choking and new scale build up in cooling tower & heat exchangers.
• Slows down corrosion by forming a thin metal carbonate film between water and the metal surface.
• Water feels softer.

Advantages of the next generation anti-scale system over conventional methods:

• No maintenance, no plumbing and easy to install.
• Mains pressure unaffected.
• Compact and safe design.
• Low running cost, no maintenance involved, negligible power consumption and economical.
• No wastage or draining of water required.
• No additives or extra opening needed in the existing piping.
• High return on investment.